Strong Marriages for San Antonio!

Are you frustrated by the trouble you see in marriages in your congregation?

Are you saddened by the divorce of couples and the break-up of families?

We want to help you.

You are invited to a free event. It is an evening of encouragement that will lift your spirit as you hear how churches in communities all over this country are fighting back in a dynamic movement that is sweeping the nation and helping to improve the health of marriages & families among their congregants.

On June 30th at 7:00 p.m. listen, as you enjoy dessert and coffee, to how Mike and Harriet McManus have assisted over 10,000 priests and pastors in 229 cities and 44 states. Over 25 years ago they started what is now widely known as the Community Marriage Policy.

This event is sponsored by an ecumenical body of clergy throughout San Antonio. Location to be announced.

For more information, call Carl Caton at 210-651-5050.

San Antonio Marriage Initiative

This is your invitation to join a number of other people who are passionate about building strong marriages in San Antonio. Once a month, we meet to collaborate, educate, and mobilize the local church as we work to build healthy marriages and families in our city. For more information, call Carl Caton at 210-651-5050.

Is It Time for a Revival of Marriage in San Antonio?
by Carl Caton, San Antonio
There's an old adage that says “It's always darkest before the dawn.”
That aptly describes where we are with the divorce culture in our country. And in San Antonio, like everywhere else, families are struggling to make sense of the chaos created by the atrophy of marriage. <more...>

Television Interviews on Marriage Savers and Community Marriage Policy (R)

Good Morning America Interview of Mike and Harriet McManus

CBN Interview on Marriage Savers "Divorce Proofing" Couples

700 Club Interview on Community Marriage Policy 

Marriage Savers at Coral Ridge

Marriage Savers Resources

Marriage Savers Overview

Example of Marriage Savers Ceremony

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Hispanic Healthy Marriage Initiative

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More Marriage Resources on the Web

Marriage Builders with Dr. Willard F. Harley Jr.
Long considered an authority on marriage conflict, Dr. Harley's website highlights some of his many best selling books.

Family Life with Dennis & Barbara Rainey
An extensive website with great resources for husbands and wives.  Family Life hosts great weekend conferences designed to enrich your marriage.  Also, check out their daily radio programs.

Focus on the Family
One of the largest and finest Christian family ministries in the world.  Website offers something for everyone including timeless advice from Dr. James Dobson.  Check out the page for husbands and wives. Find a Christian Counselor In Your Area
A service of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Marriage Savers® with Michael and Harriet McManus
Marriage Savers®  has a program called "Marriage Ministry" and claims a 90% reconciliation rate.  A wonderful "preventive" approach which keeps marriages healthy through key leaders in the local church.  

Retrouvaille Healing for Troubled Marriages
Retrouvaille (a French word for Rediscovery) is a program for marriages where divorce is being considered by one or both people.  This program saves 80% of the worst marriages.  Never give up on a marriage without considering this program..... it works!


The Marriage Turnaround
by Mitch Temple

I Don't Want a Divorce
by David Clarke


Close Calls
by Dave Carder

Breaking the Cycle of Divorce
by John Trent

Torn Asunder
by Dave Carder

Desperate Marriages
by Gary Chapman

divorce proof your marriage gary barbara rosberg

Divorce-Proof Your Marriage 
By Dr. Gary & Barbara Rosberg 

Read Chapter One of 
"The Divorce Remedy" online!

the divorce remedy from michele weiner davis

Divorce Remedy:
 The Proven 7-Step Program
 for Saving Your Marriage
by Michele Weiner-Davis

New Book!
Breaking the Cycle of Divorce
by John Trent

Read Chapter One of "Divorce Busting" Online

Divorce Busting : A Revolutionary and Rapid Program for Staying Together
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by Linda Waite

The Case for Marriage
By Linda Waite, and
Maggie Gallagher

by scott stanley

Fighting for Your Marriage:
Positive Steps for Preserving a Lasting Love
by Scott Stanley



"If divorce were a physical disease, 
we'd declare a national emergency."


"Any fool can have a
trophy wife.
It takes a real man
to have a trophy
- Diane Sollee


Successful & Happy Marriage – 
10 Secrets You Must Implement
by Matthew Tonne
The greatest joy and success in life comes from a happy marriage where two equal partners love each other in thought and action, unselfishly put their partner’s

Love & Marriage
(From Journal Entry by Berry Simpson).more....


Seven Key Methods



Successful Marriage